Episode 1: Take the risk, don’t let it take you! 


Episode 2: Grace for the Moment


Episode 3: Jealousy & Redemption


Episode 4: If I said it I will do it!

Apparently, the size of this episode exceeds download limits for this site. Please listen on Spotify, Apple Itunes, or your favorite podcasting platform. Thanks:)


Episode 5: God is Faithful.


Episode 6: It’s OK to be Dependent


Episode 7 through 9: Were too long:( but, you can find them on your favorite podcasting platform!



Episode 10: Winning With Weakness


Episode 11: The Bully Called Fear

The Bully Called Fear is too long to be downloaded here. Please listen on Google, Stitcher, Apple podcasts, or Iheart radio, we are also streaming on Spotify.


Episode 12: Wait. The Word Nobody Likes.


Episode 13: Waiting On God Part 2

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